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Start the day with Jesus

Start the day with Jesus

Bethlehem United Methodist Church Clarksville, Tn.

We preffer to make a difference rather than just a point.

Treasures In Heaven

Matthew 6:19-21

19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Spiritual Advice

Colossians 2:8


Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.


Spiritual Battle Plan

Matthew 7:7-8

Keep Asking, Seeking, Knocking

7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.


An Introduction To Bethlehem United Methodist Church

Bethlehem United Methodist Church was established in 1836 at 1324 Gholson Road, Clarksville, Tn. We are in our year!

On july 15th 2009 lightning struck our church building and destroyed it. Until our new building was built we met at the Immaculate Conception School's Chapel at 1901 Madison Street, next to McDonnalds. They were so kind and gracious to us in allowing us to meet there for so long.

Bethlehem United Methodist Church is an open church. We invite everyone and anyone to come and fellowship with us. We do not discriminate if you do not currently believe exactly the same way we do. We believe the bible when it says that Jesus came to rescue sinners not perfect people. In fact we believe the bible when it says that there are no perfect people. So if you are trapt in a certain sin we will not ever say that it is ok, but we will love you regardless in the hope that eventually Jesus will remove that sin from you.

We are a methodist church and we follow a lot of the methodist traditions, but we also welcome any true christian fellowship that is born out of love and mutual respect. We have a full time pastor who loves his congregation and we look forward to meeting you. So, if you are looking for a church that feels like home, we would love to have you join us and allow us to show you the warmth and love of Jesus Christ. Let us introduce you to some opportunities we offer that help all ages join in fellowship with others who are persuing a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Come see us when you get a chance.

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Healthy christians live longer lives with better quality of life.


We enjoy using technology to reach folks.


One of our missions is to help the physical needs of people in our community.

God's Love

It is our hope to reach every person who we come in contact with to show them the Love and greatness of God.

Seeing is Believing

We would love to see everyone saved as would God. Come experience the holy spirit in your life.

Its not Magic

The Lord has blessed our congregation so much. We would like to share His blessings with you too.


We have a healthy recycling program whereby we try to recycle our corporate as well as personal trash items.

Unlimited Possibilities

Gods Love is limitless and He desires a personal relationship with every one of His children.

Jesus Is The Answer

No matter what the problem is, Jesus is the answer. He not only saves but gives life in abundance.

Francis Chan Describes Our Church

Watch this video. It's only take a few minutes

Our Best Service

What we offer

Sunday Worship

Other Week Days

Safe Sanctuary

Child Care

Our United Methodist Church maintains a childcare ministry program on Sunday mornings. We intentionally assess our understanding of discipleship as it relates to daycare ministry. Our Cildcare ministry program encompasses one or all of the following expressions of ministry: nurture, outreach, and witness by asking three questions. What are the congregation’s gifts for ministry with children? What is the mission of childcare? How is intentional ministry a part of the daily operation of the program?

Vacation Bible School

For decades, vacation Bible school has been a staple of BUMC's summer programming for local churches. Not only does it keep the church bustling at a time when attendance traditionally decreases, it also fills a niche in the community by providing God-centered fun for children who might never set a foot inside a Sunday school door.

Every year volunteers who help make the thousands of activities happen learn something new to remember for the future. Here is a look at some of the ideas and activities from that churches can replicate.

Childrens Church

Engaging and Including Children in Worship – “Let the children come to me” is a quote that many of us recognize and use from scripture. How do we unpack this and other texts and traditions to understand our responsibility to include children in the worshipping community? Please join us with The United Methodist Church in this interactive webinar to look at the balance of tradition and developmentally appropriate practice in worship.

Womens Retreat

United Methodist Women members put our souls into following Christ as we participate in the total mission program of the church through our Mission Giving. Many of us also participate in hands-on mission through making kits, attending rallies, volunteering at a National Mission Institution, reading response and writing letters to officials to shape national and international policies, among other activities.

Laiety Club

The ministry of the laity is the work of mission or ministry to which each believer is called. As Christians we are all called to this ministry or priesthood – not just clergy. Each of us has a responsibility to proclaim the Good News and reach out to others in love.

Christmas Cantata

Different from Christmas oratorios, which present the entire Christmas story, Christmas cantatas deal with aspects of it relevant to the bible's teachings about The birth and life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our congregation members often play the parts as a performance for the rest of the congregation. Most Contatatas here are done by the youth, and at times the smaller children.

Fellowship Get To Gathers

At BUMC we like to get to gether and have good food and conversation together. In Acts the Apostles used to do the same enjoying christian fellowship known as "The Way". Loving on one by serving one another and bringing joy to others in the process.

Monthly News Letters

BUMC has a monthly news letter. You can access it here on the site by clicking here. recieve it

Mission Giving

our quality members

Worship Team

Brother Jamie Mandrell


Robin R. Reed

Lay Speaker

Roger Pile

Lay Speaker

Dining And Events

Dining And Events

We have a great facility for dining and hosting christian events.

Pastors Blog

Pastors Blog

Content from Jamies Blog

Sermons And Studies

Sermons And Studies

Resourses for folks to learn more about god. Bible studies, videos, Sermons, and much more.

See our timeline

Church History

New Web Site is Realeased

01 Jan 2018

We have been working on this site for a time now and we pray that you are inspired to move closer to God through Jesus Christ. We marvel at the way He loves us enough to allow us the opportunity to build this site. All glory and honor to the most High God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


20 Feb 2017

Build A House Mission

Coat Drive

28 Jan 2017

Sharing the love of Jesus by providing coats bought by the congregation and donated to local missions.

21 + You

6 Jul 2017

Christian concert and country fair.

A dedication to a Matriarch

26 Jan 2017

Peggy Waters

Bethlehem United Methodist Church

July 1836

Bethlehem United Methodist Church was established in 1836 at 1324 Gholson Road, Clarksville, Tn.


Basic knowledgebase

Frequently asked questions

From the Latin evangelium, meaning good tale or good news. Gospel has a number of distinct meanings. It refers to the Good News concerning Christ, the Kingdom of God, and salvation. It also refers to the teachings of Jesus and the apostles. The word is used in connection with the first four books of the New Testament. For example, the Gospel of Mark or the Gospel according to Mark refers to the New Testament book ascribed to Mark in which the life and teachings of Jesus are described. In services of worship, the Reading from the Gospel or the Gospel Reading refers to the Scripture reading from one of the four Gospels. The Gospel plainly states that we are all sinners who have confessed our faults and we now look at others with the same love and forgivness given to us.

Many chruches across our nation are very good churches filled with christians at all different stages of relationship with God and Jesus. But, we all share one thing. We have sonship through our Lord Jesus Christ. Come see us at Bethlehem and praise the Lord with us. Our pastor will touch you with plain ordinary language that so wonderfully conveys the spirit of the messages in the scriptures.

Anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, repents of their sins, and follows the ways of Jesus by simply loving others and theirby God through them.

The old testament is many books of history, quantifying, specifying, and many stories plucked from history to display the human effects of human and divine origin of the principles taught by Jesus. Even though the old testament was written long before the new, its pages fortold all the events of Jesus's ministry.

There are many good resources for bibles in and out of the Methodist church. The United Methodist Church does not have an “official” version or translation of the Bible. Only the General Conference can designate specific ritual texts or other liturgical or teaching resources as official. Protestant denominations never designate a single Bible translation for use. Rather, United Methodists affirm the usefulness of a number of translations and versions as being helpful for study, teaching, memorization and other purposes, since each sheds a slightly different light in translating or paraphrasing the original languages and manuscripts. When it comes to United Methodist teaching resources published by The United Methodist Publishing House, the Common English Bible (CEB) and the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) are the preferred texts for curriculum. However, writers can consult other versions or quote from them when doing so strengthens the teaching resource. For more information, download Cokesbury’s Guide to Popular Bible Translations. Have questions? Ask the UMC. And check out other recent Q&As. You can find many different translations and languages of the bible at .

One can easily find a good church at : Find A Church.

Ways To Love One Another

Paths Of Love






No Hidden Agendas














At Ease

Fearing only God


Reckoning His protection

Loving His discipline

In His favor

Stress Relieved

Filled with faith



Those who hurt us

Those who mock us

Those who malign us

Those who hate us

Those who steal from us

Those who gossip

Those who cause pain


Being Light

A wellspring of life

A light in a dark place

Support in times of need

A lamp for the lost

A Servant to all

A defender of widows

A refuge in the storm



Eager to help

Full of hugs

Going the extra mile

Doing 100% always

Being a blessing

Letting no opportunity pass

Showing the way.



Believing always

Hoping for others to believe

following through

Building trust




gentleness and self-control




100% Truth

100% Grace

Resting In Him

Loving on others

Helping with Love

we love our church body

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